Tuesday, January 2, 2018

MUSIC + LYRICS: Chris Maurice - Ukara ( Prod. by Perpetual Ikechukwu ) | @Chrismaurice10

there is no work of art without a personal experience and a message it portrays.
Ukara is a song of my secret place with God (Yahweh). It came as a result of my face to face encounter with the Supremacy of God who in turn instructed me to announce His sovereignty over all.
As we know,"Ukara Jesus" is one of the most popular and captivating local worship songs in the Akwa-Cross region of Nigeria. I am not the original writer of Ukara Jesus but only a transpose to suit my experience of God's all-powerful nature.

Chris Maurice started singing and writing songs at the very early age of ten. Now his gift of music has ripen fully to Bless the human race.
However,it's just the beginning. Anticipate more of life changing worships from him.

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Ukara Ukara ukara 6x

(Ukara Abasi Ibom ooo)
Ukara Ukara
(Ukara Obong mme mmbong)
Ukara Ukara Ukara


(Ukara Jesus)
Ami mmèmènedè úbók nnò
Mmòsúk ìbòt nnò
mmòtoño edoñ nnò ukara (twice)

(When You reign)3x


Ekim idikarake aba
Ifot idikarake aba
Altar eset idikarake aba ukara

Injustice will rule no more
Tirranny will rule no more
Prejudice will dismay no more Ukara

Terrorism will kill no more
Porverty will be seen no more oo
Indifferent act will be heard of no more oo ukara aaa (oo yeahhhhhh )

Divorce will be seen no more ooo
Deadly disease will kill no more
Because even dead has lost its sting to ukara Obong (repeat chorus)


Ohhhhhh Ohhh Ohhh Ohhh
After You it is You we know as king

Connect with Chris Maurice:-

Facebook- Chris Maurice

Twitter:- @Chrismaurice10


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